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    Jinzhou North Industrial Co., Ltd. has become the famous bulk chemical suppliers for metallurgical and chemical products in the north of China by taking advantage of the surrounding natural resources such as abundant magnesium oxide ore, fluorite ore, bentonite ore, products of two large crude oil refineries and domestic well-known metal smelters. As a reliable chemical products exporter, we've formed the deep sediments with both our customers and experiences for almost 25 years of foreign business. Our main metallurgical and chemical products are: Graphite electrode, calcined petroleum coke, fluorspar, magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, bentonite, potassium hydroxide, soda ash and so on.

  • Graphite and Petroleum Products

       Graphite has adsorption, thermal conductivity, stability, anti oxidation and reduction properties. Graphite is widely used as an electrode in the electrical industry, with graphite electrodes being the most widely used.

       Petroleum coke is commonly used as fuel in the metallurgical and chemical industries. It can also be used as an electrode material in electric arc furnaces during casting and steelmaking processes. We can provide Petroleum Coke, Low-Surphur Calcined Petroleum Coke, Carbon Additive, Graphite Petroleum Coke.

       PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride, is a commonly used plastic material used to manufacture various hard, soft, and transparent plastic products.

       It is also widely used in industries such as construction, machinery, and daily cables.

  • Non-metallic Minerals

        The non-metallic ore and non-metallic mineral products industry belongs to the heavy industry, which provides the main production materials for various sectors of the national economy, including the steel industry, metallurgical industry, machinery, energy, chemistry, materials, etc. 

       At present, non-metallic mineral products are widely used in traditional industries such as chemical, mechanical, energy, automotive, light industry, food processing, metallurgy, building materials, and aviation. 

       We can provide Magnesia Material (MgO), Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), Fluorspar (CaF2), Aluminum Fluoride (ALF3), Sodium Fluoro-aluminate (Na3AlF6/NaALF4), Potassium Fluoro-aluminate (K3ALF6/KAlF4), Bentonite, bentonite Cat Litter, Feldspar, Quartz, Metal Lithium (Li).

  • Inorganic Salts

        Inorganic salts, also known as minerals, are salts in inorganic compounds. Inorganic salts are basic raw materials for industrial products of materials, with a wide range of applications and high demand. Its uses involve papermaking, rubber, plastics, pesticides, feed additives, trace element fertilizers, space technology, mining, oil extraction, navigation, information industry in high-tech fields, electronics industry, and various material industries. It is also closely related to people's clothing, food, housing, transportation, light industry, environmental protection, and transportation in daily life. 

       Our company provides various types of inorganic salt products, such as Anhydrous Magnesium Chloride (MgCL2 Anhydrous), Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate (MgCl2.6H2O), Calcium Chloride (CaCL2), Potash (KCL), Sodium Salt (NaCL), Bleaching and Disinfection Agent (Ca(ClO)₂, Soda Ash (Na2CO3), Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3), Zirconium silicate (ZrSiO4).

  • Alkalis

        China is a major producer and consumer of alkali metals. Alkali metals have important applications in industries such as electronics, biomedicine, energy, chemical industry, and non-ferrous metal smelting. Alkali metal mineral resources are non renewable resources, and the annual consumption demand for alkali metals in China will maintain a high growth rate. Currently, alkali metals are facing good market opportunities in China. The alkali metal industry is also becoming a high-tech industry with enormous potential for new energy and materials.

       Our company can provide Potassium Hydroxide (KOH), Soium Hydroxide(NaOH).

  • Metal Products

        Titanium metal has the steel-like appearance and a silver gray luster. Titanium has high strength, low density, high hardness, high melting point, and strong corrosion resistance; high purity titanium has good plasticity, but becomes brittle and hard when impurities are present. 

        Magnesium metal is a silver white, light, and ductile metal. Magnesium is mainly used in the production of magnesium alloys, desulfurization of steel, as well as in the fields of rare earth alloys, metal reduction, and corrosion prevention. Magnesium alloys have advantages such as high specific strength, high specific stiffness, good thermal conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, damping, and vibration reduction, and are widely used in industries such as aerospace, missiles, automobiles, and construction.

  • Photovoltaic Industry

        The photovoltaic industry refers to an industry based on solar photovoltaic power generation technology. It contains industries such as solar photovoltaic cell materials, photovoltaic panels, and solar photovoltaic power stations. 

        The photovoltaic industry is a green energy industry and also one of the renewable energy sources. Industrial development includes research and development of solar photovoltaic cell materials, manufacturing of photovoltaic panels, construction of photovoltaic power stations, and project management of photovoltaic power generation. We can provide the Mechanical Scribing Machine For Solar Cell.

Case North Industries Practical Cases
  • Export HP Graphite Electrode Wholly packed by Crate. Transported by Rail Wagon to Russia, Whole Route from Door to Door Including Customs Declaration for both Export and Import. Used in the Electric Furnace for Steel Smelt.

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  • Export Acid Grade Powder to Brazil by Sea, Packed in Ton Bag. Transportation Mode is CY to CY. Used as the Raw Materials of the Welding Electrode.

    View More >
  • Provide OEM Production for Turkey Customers, Export Metallurgical Grade Fluorite Grain to his Brazil Client, Used as the Raw Materials of the Foundry Flux for Steel Smelt. 

    View More >
  • Export Calcined Petroleum Coke to Japan, Packed in ton bag, as the Carbon Raiser in the Smelting of Steel Making.

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  • Export Anhydrous Magnesium Chloride to Oakland Port, America, Ton bag, Big Block. Used as the Refinery Flux in Magnesium and Magnesium Alloy Smelting and Foundry, in Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Smelting and Foundry.

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  • Export Dead Burnt Magnesia and Fused Magnesia to India, Sea Transportation, Ton Bag, Used as the Refractory Materials in Refractory Bricks, Furnace Lining. 

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  • Export Anhydrous Calcium Chloride to Canada, 25kg bag with Customized English Mark, Used as the Ice Melt Agent. 

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  • Export Potassium Hydroxide to Korea by Sea, Packed in 25kg bag, IMO CLASS 8, Use in the Production of Potassium Salts.

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Metallurgical And Chemical Products Industries

    JINZHOU NORTH INDUSTRIES COMPANY LTD. was established in 2000 with registered capital RMB 10 million, undertaking the foreign trade of the group company. As one of the leading wholesale chemical suppliers,  we've been dealing in foreign trade for over 20 years by taking advantage of local natural resources. We have two large crude oil refineries and rich clay mines such as magnesia ore and bentonite ore in our local, so our main metallurgical and chemical products are Graphite Electrode, Calcined Petroleum Coke, Fluorspar, Magnesia and Bentonite.

    For more than 20 Years of foreign business, our company's grown up step by step Including the scope of the products expanding from main products to ores and inorganic salts due to the mutual trust and win-win idea between our clients and us.

    We've been strictly offering the metallurgical and chemical products according to our customer's requirements and until now we have no quality claims. Our customers are mainly from Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, Japan and South America.

    We promise that as a reliable chemical products exporter, we will constantly carry on the principle ''quality best, customers superb'' in the future and on to provide the best qualified products to our customers all over the world. The support and trust from you is our motivation to move on and make us more successful.

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